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Emerald green Empress and Emperor Tarot cards with gold detailing. Inspired by the symbolism of these tarot archetypes, these earrings embody power, abundance, and authority. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Empress card represents nurturing energy, creativity, and abundance, while the Emperor card symbolizes leadership, structure, and authority.

Perfect for tarot enthusiasts, or anyone seeking pretty meaningful accessories :)


If you'd prefer to choose your own colourways and tarot cards, have a look at the 'Mix and Match Tarot Card Earrings or Keyring' listing, where you can choose to mix and match a pair into earrings to suit your own personal style and vibes, or choose to turn a card into a keyring.


Earrings are finished off with stainless steel studs or stainless steel clip-ons as pictured - just choose on the dropdown :)

Green and Gold The Empress and The Emperor Tarot Card Earrings

  • Each piece has been carefully mixed, moulded, sculpted, sanded, painted and assembled by hand and is unique in its own way and sometimes, may have variations.

    Take care of these guys the same way you would your other jewellery.
    • Whilst polymer clay is strong, that doesn't mean it's unbreakable so avoid unnecessary pressure and impact.
    • There may be a natural bend/flexibility some pieces, this is totally normal but please don't push it to its limits - we all have a breaking point 🙃
    • May be slight variations in colour due to lighting and photography.

    All earrings come wrapped in recycleable tissue, tied with a paper ribbon and stamped with a wax seal of approval before being placed into a letterbox size postage box.

    If you want to send this as a gift to someone with a personal note, just let me know what you'd like the note to say 💜

    For more information on delivery and returns, please see the links at the bottom of the page or visit the FAQs :)

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