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Welcome Lovers of Jaunty Jewellery & All Things

Thank you for supporting me and making it over to this page!

I'm Nurlana, owner, designer and maker of Kerimli's Creations.

Every piece you see is handcrafted by me, right from the beginning where I mix the colours for my clay pieces, down to the cards my pieces come on.

Each one is made with love and I hope they bring you some joy!

It warms my heart seeing how happy you guys are with my creations, so make sure you tag me on instagram/facebook with your pieces!


Handcrafted and Unique

You'll find an array of handmade pieces, predominantly vibrant, colourful, jaunty jewellery, handmade from Polymer Clay, but also a selection of crocheted décor & gifts and hand carved prints.

After years of creating various pieces and gifting them to family and friends, I decided to take the leap and make them available for all in 2021. It's been exciting and scary all at the same time, and always full of learning!

Each piece is one of a kind, even if it's from the same batch of clay or the same crochet pattern, as they're all handcrafted by me.


There's beauty in the differences and even the flaws, so my pieces are consciously made in small batches, with as little waste as possible.

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