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These stainless steel clip on earring converters are a fantastic way for those without pierced ears to enjoy jewellery that either doesn't come as clip ons, or may lose some of it's stylistic features by changing to clip-on only.


The clip on is a standard screw back, allowing you to make it as tight or as lose as you want on your ear lobe.

At the bottom of the clip on, there is an earring back/stopper attached, which acts exactly like a standard stud earring back. All you do is slot the stud earring piece into the earring back on the converter, and voila! You can wear your favourite earrings! And it doesnt just have to be studs, it can be dangley earrings too! Just make sure the top of the earring features a stud, as hook earrings won't work with this (see video in this listing to see how it works :) ).


It's especially great if you or someone you're buying for is planning to pierce their ears at some point, as they can use the converter in the meantime, then still enjoy their earrings once their ears are pierced. They could then gift the converters to someone else who may need them :)


Price is per pair, stud earrings in photo and video is not included.

Clip On Adapter / Stud Earring Converter

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